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David Werner swindled me out of $37,000.00 and like the other "clients" victims lost time and damaged my reputation. I learned the hard way about this cam and the *** artist who is running it, Davis Werner. This rip-off is now attempting to change the public opinion through a number of self promoting articles and new "services" and tricks they have recently added to the old scam.

David Werner International is now baiting their "clients" marks with something called "Online Portfolios". This is nothing more than creating a personal website, from a number of standard temples, and hosting it on servers owned by a Power Talent Network a company operating out of Boca Raton, FL. David Werner International has an agreement with Power Talent Network to remarket their software under DWIC name. For this privilege the "client" victim, will be charged a website creation fee and an annual hosting fee. The client, who is naïve enough to pay for something like this, will get pages and pages of useless statistics like, the number of hits on the site, the time of day, what pages they viewed, etc., etc., etc. All of it is useless information which gives the "client", victim loads of data but which will not get anybody closer to a new job. Actually having a personal site is very much working against your chances of getting a new assignment. Ask yourself - what any of the top 1000 corporation in US would think about an executive with a personal website advertising his or her skills on the Internet? The last thing they need is another self promoting "Prima Dona" with aspiration to publicity. If they needed something like this they would go directly to Hollywood and talk to Paris Hilton or any other clown. The last thing they need in their executive staff is a person with publicity aspirations. Rest assured that if a company like Wal-Mart, or Exxon Mobil, or GE, of IBM, or Philip Morris would give some new executive a new assignment, the first thing they would want to control is his or her communication with the outside world. The first thing they would want to do is to turn off any personal website. The problem with the Internet is that data published remains available forever and can not be erased or hidden from the public. The *** artist David Werner should know this as he claims great knowledge about marketing on Internet. The truth is he is more ignorant about the Internet than any 90 year old grandmother. Actually we could probably find several 90 year old grandmothers who are quite knowledgeable about the Internet and marketing on it which is much more than we could say about David Werner.

The second addition to the David Werner scam is their desire to become a mergers and acquisition broker. Werner has made some statement about his ability and desire to become an M&A broker for his "clients" victims. The reality and what he again is ignorant about, is the fact that he would need to have an FTC license to be an M&A broker. The reality is that he would go to jail if he attempted to provide any services which could be interpreted as brokering services in an M&A transaction without an FTC license. It is also true that the disclosure process, which would be a prerequisite to obtaining an FTC license, would expose the scam and him being a *** artist. David Werner or his company, David Werner International, could never obtain an FTC license. He might be able to make a backroom deal with somebody who already has such a license however, that person will soon after either lose the license of go to jail upon further investigation by FTC.

The bottom line is – Don't get involved with this scam! If you value your reputation, if you expect to someday be employed by any of the top 1000 US corporations, and most of all if you value your money, don't get involved with this scam and the *** artist David Werner. Don't get involved or you will learn the hard way and most likely destroy your reputation in the process.

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