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David Werner International is rapidly changing the 30 year old scam….. Follow the Chameleon and *** Artist

Faced with an overwhelming avalanche of negative press by their swindled clients, David Werner International is attempting to change the old scam and

keep the flow of victims knocking on his door.

In response to articles exposing this scam at: 'searchtype reviews at - CONSUMER}=0&submit2=Search%21 /> /> />

David Werner has lunched a number of self-promoting propaganda articles published in the usual free internet website such as;,,, and

This effort followed their attempt to silence on of their clients through legal means. On October 5, 2008 David Werner International filed, in New York State Supreme Court, legal action against their client. See the filing at:

type the displayed text, submit and plaintiff search David Werner. Read case #112099-2008.

Soon thereafter it became very clear that they settled, most likely paying their client, to allow them to publish a retraction statement his name. The retraction is published at report #348120 and has been posted on many rip-off reports at

Most if not all scams and *** artists such as David Werner, when faced with this type of exposure, promptly disappear and latter reappear under a different name and with a different scam. David Werner did not do that primarily because he is belligerent but mostly because he is absolutely ignorant of the Internet. Not realizing that Internet has given everyone a powerful voice and a method to effectively expose his type of scam, David Werner has decided that flooding the search engines with his propaganda is more effective and that he will succeed in conning the public into allowing him to continue scamming his victims, $10,000.00, $20,000.00 and sometime $30,000.00 per client. This is the same *** artist who claims marketing expertise and Internet savvy and who wants to "help your career"? And you are going to let David Werner teach you marketing on Internet?!?!?!?!

This *** artist will soon realize that taking his clients to court and continuing to *** the public through propaganda has virtually eliminated whatever value he hoped to realize from this imaginary brand, he irrationally convinced himself he has created, named "David Werner International". After 30 years of dabbling in a consulting business, David Werner has not learned that, taking his clients to court is the fastest way to be out of consulting business. And David Werner wants you to let him manage your career?!?!?!?

On the other hand, he is a successful *** artist and therefore fully capable of conning some "buyer" or some company into buying this "thing" called David Werner International. For 30 years he has been able to swindle people out of thousand and thousands of dollars.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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This Notice is posted pursuant to Pissed’s Civl Subpoena Policy. On or about February 29, 2012 David Werner International Corp.

as Plaintiff, issued a Subpoena Duces Tecum upon seeking the identity and other identifying information of the author of this post. The subpoena was served pursuant to Court order. Within 20 days of today, this author has the right to respond to the subpoena with a filing at the New York Supreme Court, New York County, 60 Centre Street, NY, NY, David Werner International Corp v. Alexander Gray, et als.

Index no.

102547/2009. Any objections filed with the court should also be sent to Plaintiff’s counsel, via e-mail at

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